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Jina with her Thanksgiving turkey

On this cool autumn day before Thanksgiving, I can’t help but think about how giving thanks for all the wonderful blessings in our lives is universal.

It became so real to me when the heroine in my upcoming novel, The Blonde Samurai, is in 1874 Japan celebrating Thanksgiving with her samurai family.

Check out my blog at NAUGHTY AUTHOR CHICKS and see what my heroine, Katie O’Roarke, wrote in her memoir.


February 2010: meet The Blonde Samurai
“She embraced the way of the warrior. Two swords. Two loves.”


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…and here on WordPress at Cleopatra’s Perfume Prequel.

Check it out at:

Naughty Author Chicks Blog on Wednesdays…

Collage of items belonging to Lady Eve Marlowe

Collage of items belonging to Lady Eve Marlowe

…and you can read all about Lady Eve Marlowe’s adventures in 1928 Weimar Berlin (the heroine in Cleopatra’s Perfume) at my Cleopatra’s Perfume Prequel.




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February 2010: meet The Blonde Samurai
“She embraced the way of the warrior. Two swords. Two loves.”

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Cleopatra's Perfume by Jina Bacarr

Cleopatra's Perfume by Jina Bacarr


Jina Bacarr
Harlequin Spice, Apr 2009, $13.95

In 1939 affluent Lady Eve Marlowe, following the death of her spouse in Cairo, rejects widows clothing. Instead she comes to London to enjoy sexual escapades that she obtains at the wealthiest clubs. However, Eve admits that American pilot Chuck Dawn is the best lover she ever had though she expects to be bored with him soon. Due to an incident involving crazed hardened Nazis, Chuck and Eve are separated.

Chuck wants to see his English lady soonest especially after the near lethal encounter in 1941 just outside Berlin, and reading her journal that he possesses only adds to his need for her. Following her trail, he goes after the woman he madly adores even as he knows she is wearing the ultimate enticer CLEOPATRA’S PERFUME.

This is a wild fun erotic historical romance that brings a unique perspective to WWII. Chuck is a brave aviator, but this heated war drama is owned by the audacious heroine as she brings danger and humor to the bedroom and a several other locales. Fans will relish the misadventures of Lady Eve as uses CLEOPATRA’S PERFUME to entice war secrets from the Nazis in Cairo, Berlin and London, and to lure her American flyer into her honey.

Harriet Klausner

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"One whiff and every man was her slave."

"One whiff and every man was her slave."

The awards season is in full swing with the Academy Awards looming on February 22, 2009.  This year’s candidates include several World War II flicks, including Valkyrie, The Reader, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,  Australia, Good and Defiance.

All these films deal with that epic fight in their own way, but who can forget Casablanca?  Bogie, Ingrid and the crowd sweating out the war in Rick’s Cafe.  The classic black and white film was ready for release in November 1942 when the timing couldn’t be better.  According to news reports at that time, “Yanks Invade North Africa: Landings on Two Coasts.”
But what if the film Casablanca was erotic? I thought.  That tantalizing idea set into motion the idea for Cleopatra’s Perfume.
Cleopatra’s Perfume takes place in that same part of the world when the heroine of my upcoming Spice release goes on a journey of self-discovery in Egypt that explores a different side of the war: sexy, intriguing…and a mysterious ancient scent. 

Here is a preview of the back cover copy for Cleopatra’s Perfume:

Europe 1939

The world may be teetering on the brink of war,
but that’s no reason for the privileged classes
to deny themselves the satisfaction of their deepest
lusts.  In exotic and exclusive clubs, they pursue the
delights of the flesh with little thought to the world
crumbling around them.

Eve Marlowe has everything she needs to lead
the most decadent of lives: money, nobility, nerve…
and an insatiable appetite for sexual adventure. 
She also has a singular treasure: a fragrance of
ancient origin said to have been prepared for the
Queen of Kings herself.  Seductive, irresistible, even
mystical–it’s the scent of pure sensuality.

The power of this elixir is such that it sweeps
Lady Marlowe into a game much more dangerous
than those she played in the darkened rooms of kinky
bars.  As the Nazis devour Europe and North Africa,
she embarks on a fevered journey with sizzling
stops in Cairo, London, Berlin–each city filled
with new perils and pleasures for one anointed
with pure lust.


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I loved traveling to Venice, Italy to speak and perform at  La Biennale Arts Festival last summer–and I was so excited to sign copies of my geisha book in Italian (Passioni di una geisha).


Now my Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs book (the heroine is a female Indiana Jones) comes out in Italian today as Bionda Vendetta (Blonde Revenge) and it’s the Book of the Month (Romanzo del Mese) on Harlequin Italy (Harmony Passion).
Here’s a video with the book trailer for Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs in Italian.

Ciao, ciao,

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If you like the Bourne flicks and can’t wait for the new Indiana Jones film, you’ll love Breezy Malone in Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs from Spice.  She’s an archeologist who goes undercover as a dominatrix to find the man who done her wrong.  Breezy is on a mission to find the man who framed her for murder and had her jailed in a desert prison in the Middle East.  She also must retrieve the ancient Syrian antiquity known as the Mask of Darkma that he stole from her.  To do so, Breezy sheds her staid archaeologist’s garb and dons the black leather corset of a dominatrix to become a sex agent in the employ of a covert U.S. security agency.   Check out an excerpt on MySpace.

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Spies, Lies & Naked ThighsHi, everybody! 
I received my first review for my erotic spy thriller from Romantic Times magazine March 2008 issue   4 stars!!




by Jina Bacarr
RT Rating: 4 stars
Category: EROTICA
Publisher: Spice
Published: March 2008
Type: Erotica Fiction

The talented Bacarr delivers another strikingly original, fast-paced romp highlighted by a smoking-hot hero and a sassy heroine. Her use of Breezy’s first-person point of view adds an interesting edge and dimension to the proceedings.

Betrayed, framed for murder and left to languish in a Middle Eastern prison, archaeologist Breezy Malone has plenty of time to plot her revenge on Sharif, the man responsible for it all. Being broken out of her cage, recruited by the FBI and allowed license to do whatever’s necessary, in and out of bed, gives her the means. Breezy’s hot on Sharif’s tail when she runs afoul of a seriously hot guy who gets in her way — more than once. Who is this man, whom she nicknames One-Eyed Jack (because of his eye patch)? And what’s his game? One thing’s for sure: Breezy would like to get close enough to find out. But first she has a slimeball to catch — and a precious artifact to reclaim! (spice, Mar., 400 pp., $13.95)

—Catherine Witmer

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