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I just put up Episode 2:  Eve discovers the sublime delights of paddling in my ongoing series:




The Berlin Sex Diary of Lady Eve Marlowe

Check it out!



Red "Carneval" Mask like the one Eve wears that night in the Berlin hotel room

Red "Carneval" Mask like the one Eve wears that night in the Berlin hotel room


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She came to Berlin with a show in 1928 looking for love and adventure. 


She found a city bathed in lust and sex.   


Here in her own words are sensual and erotic accounts of her adventures during that time before “Cleopatra’s Perfume takes place.


Episode 1: Eve meets a monocled gentleman with a secret fetish.

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I love to Twitter.  It’s fun, quick, witty, informative and oriented to the happenings of the day.  So, I thought, why not Twitter about my new Spice release, Cleopatra’s Perfume? 

What’s it about? you ask, anticipating aromatic Tweets.

To quote several book sites: “As the world teeters on the brink of war in 1939, the privileged classes pursue the delights of the flesh in exclusive clubs. Lady Eve Marlowe possesses a treasure–an elixir of ancient origin with a power so great it sweeps her into a dangerous erotic game.”


 It was a different world back then before cell phones, the Internet–and Twitter.  What if I Twittered about what life was like when Cleopatra’s Perfume takes place (from the 1930s through the early 1940s) so that you, the reader, could get a better understanding of the world my heroine, Lady Eve Marlowe, lived in?

Think of it as a Twitter time machine…and you’re at the controls.





 Here are Tweets from 1939 when Cleopatra’s Perfume takes place:


 —You can buy a new 1939 Dodge sedan for $815–no GPS system or air bags back then, but a spare tire and bumpers were included and something new: safety glass.  Dodge was a sponsor of the Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour–the American Idol of its time. 


 –Give your dry, lifeless skin a boost with Palmolive soap made with palm and olive oils.  No surprise here since it says so in the name, though ads at the time claimed olive oil was the secret ingredient.


 —Make your teeth shine with Calox Powder–yes, powder, not toothpaste.  I call this early teeth whiteners.  FYI, the first toothpaste came in a jar in the 1870s, but the familiar toothpaste tube didn’t make the scene until 1892.

Try a new method of sanitary protection: Tampax.  This was a innovation that gave women the freedom, according to the ad, to wear sheer evening gowns without detection.  A month’s supply, a box containing 10 Tampax, costs 35 cents.   

Write your next novel on a portable Smith & Corona typewriter with back spacer–Swinging Shift–84 characters for only $29.75.  The typewriter weighs only nine pounds.  Best feature about this typewriter: no Spam email to distract you!


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Cleopatra’s Perfume has received 4 stars from Romantic Times Magazine! 
Very exciting. 

 I so enjoyed writing this story about a woman looking for love in a time filled with danger and intrigue…3 men…3 loves…3 obsessions.

Best, Jina

 Cleopatra's Perfume Cover 

by Jina Bacarr

RT Rating:
Category: EROTICA
Publisher: SPICE
Published: April 2009
Type: Erotica Fiction

This story has plenty going for it — exotic locales, unique characters, humor and lots of deliciously hot sex. It’s interesting and fun … not a bad combination.

Summary: When a ruse involving illicit sex, an exit visa and a slightly perverse Nazi officer goes awry, American pilot Chuck Dawn and Lady Eve Marlowe are separated — and Chuck wonders if he’ll ever see the mysterious Englishwoman again. Reading her journal, which details her exploits sexual and otherwise, Chuck finds that he wants to. Even after learning her secrets, ones which could impact any hope of a future together, Chuck can’t forget what he experienced in her arms — and not just because Eve may actually wear Cleopatra’s perfume. (SPICE, Apr., 416 pp., $13.95)
—Catherine Witmer



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I’ve been working on a video for my new Spice release, Cleopatra’s Perfume, about a titled Englishwoman who has an insatiable appetite for sexual adventure in 1939 Europe.  What pictures could I use to evoke her story? I wondered, which takes place in that time when the world was teetering on the brink of war, but the Lady Eve doesn’t see it coming.


She’s unbelievably rich, beautiful and lonely…


I put together this collage of items belonging to her as she begins her journey in the duty-free port of Port Said, a city in Egypt which “harbors a white slave trade flourishing in its hidden places, bars, and houses where young girls languish and perish under the thumbs of men.”


Collage of items belonging to Lady Eve Marlowe

Collage of items belonging to Lady Eve Marlowe

It all begins in a seedy bar when Lady Eve has her fortune told:

 “You will meet a man within a fortnight,” he insisted, “and his fire will peel the skin from your bones, making you lose all control–“


            I pulled my hand away.  “Sounds unpleasant.”  I tried to keep my voice steady, not let him see how his prediction affected me, nurtured the elusive dream I craved, but even as I said the words, my lower belly ached and {edited for explicit content}


            The fortune teller continued, “With him you will find immortality.” 

I pondered this, though not for long.  Immortality?  What nonsense.  What near eastern alchemy he was peddling I could only guess.  I doubted I could find a man to fulfill the incompleteness haunting me since my husband’s death and assuage my hunger for the pleasures long denied to me.  Still–

               “Where will I meet this man?” I had to ask, wanting to believe I could escape my loneliness through this pre-destined encounter.  I held my hands together in my lap to stop them from shaking.  If I found such a man in Port Said and found sexual pleasure with him, that would mean I’d crossed the line into another world.  I couldn’t go back.  I sensed I was at a dangerous impasse by snubbing the staid world of British royals, forcing me to face what I thought I’d left behind: My taste for the sweetest of tortures.  I’ll not regale you, dear reader, with details.  They will come later.” —from Chapter 2, Cleopatra’s Perfume


So begins the Lady Eve’s journey that will take her to Cairo, London then Berlin in the spring of 1941…





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Paris 1889. The Eiffel Tower, the Moulin Rouge, the Paris Exposition all opened that year. Electric lights also went on for the first time in many Paris theatres, department stores, and railway stations. Paris was a busy place and even busier for les filles de joie, prostitutes.Imagine lounging on soft, scoop sofas in filmy lingerie, eating Bossier bonbons and marzipan, and waiting for handsome gentlemen to call. Hmm…sounds like the brothel I created in my Spice novel, Naughty Paris. Ah, but that was fiction, frothy and sugary with a twist of the erotic to rev up the libido. Or was it?

To the gentlemen who frequented these establishments, the brothels of Paris evoked a sense of glamour not usually associated with prostitution. Les grandes horizantales (no translation needed) or dégrafées, unhooked ones, could perform every sexual trick in the book without so much as breaking a corset string.  (Check out NAUGHTY MAMSELLE, my FREE short story about life in a Paris brothel.)

Which reminds me. No demimondaine, courtesan, would be caught without her corset when a gentleman took her upstairs. Adjusting the wires, setting the whalebones, lacing up the back–many a customer lamented why she went to so much trouble when he had every intention of removing it. Her answer? It was more fun taking it off.

But which girl could do…or who was better at….? How did the gentleman decide which girl to choose? Especially if he were visiting from across the Channel? Simple. He did as all tourists do: he consulted his guidebook.

The Pretty Women of Paris” was published privately in 1883 for members of the “principal Parisian clubs” and later as “The Pleasures of Paris: A complete list of its Licensed Brothels or ‘Maisons de Tolerance.’ “ The guide was limited to 169 copies.

Here’s a sample of the “girls” from “The Pretty Women of Paris:”

Marie Bergé…exceedingly nice, petite, fair, and although born in 1861, looks like an innocent girl of sixteen. Should not be neglected, especially as she possesses a very charming pair of bubbies.

[And this was before breast implants. Imagine what a little silicone could do…]

Léona Cellié: Her original Christian name, Marie, was too common for her, she changed it as above, and from a brunette became a blonde…

[And we thought only our hairdresser knew…]

 Juliette Darcourt…there is no nonsense about this actress of the Nouveantés Théâtre as she is always ready to start a new amour, provided that the new admirer has a proper balance at his bankers…

[Smart girl…]

This is but a small sampling of what “The Pretty Women of Paris” had to offer: nearly every entry mentions the girl’s physical attributes, age, where she came from, her talents, and her sexual preferences (“…she is gifted with a lustful temperament, so that her passions often prove stronger than her mind and lead her to try all kind of tricks and capers to prolong and intensify the pleasures of copulation.”)

Has Paris changed since La Belle Époque? The rules of seduction have changed somewhat. Where the demi-mondaines once ruled the bedroom, the modern Parisienne is in charge of boudoir antics (French couples have sex 8.9 times a month) and that includes sex toys. Sales of vibrators, dildos, ben-wa balls, even edible underwear in all shapes, makes, and colors are taking off in Paris and are available in small shops as well as on the shelves of Le Printemps department store.To the gentleman of Paris 1889, I have one thing to say:Edible corset, anyone?

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I’m just getting started with my “behind the scenes” look at the wild and raucous world of writing erotic fiction.

We all know the research can be stimulating…it’s also fascinating. Come with me as I take you around the world while we explore the most interesting facts and tidbits I’ve discovered on my travels.

First stop…the brothels of 1889 Paris…

The Spicy Contessa

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