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"One whiff and every man was her slave."

"One whiff and every man was her slave."

The awards season is in full swing with the Academy Awards looming on February 22, 2009.  This year’s candidates include several World War II flicks, including Valkyrie, The Reader, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,  Australia, Good and Defiance.

All these films deal with that epic fight in their own way, but who can forget Casablanca?  Bogie, Ingrid and the crowd sweating out the war in Rick’s Cafe.  The classic black and white film was ready for release in November 1942 when the timing couldn’t be better.  According to news reports at that time, “Yanks Invade North Africa: Landings on Two Coasts.”
But what if the film Casablanca was erotic? I thought.  That tantalizing idea set into motion the idea for Cleopatra’s Perfume.
Cleopatra’s Perfume takes place in that same part of the world when the heroine of my upcoming Spice release goes on a journey of self-discovery in Egypt that explores a different side of the war: sexy, intriguing…and a mysterious ancient scent. 

Here is a preview of the back cover copy for Cleopatra’s Perfume:

Europe 1939

The world may be teetering on the brink of war,
but that’s no reason for the privileged classes
to deny themselves the satisfaction of their deepest
lusts.  In exotic and exclusive clubs, they pursue the
delights of the flesh with little thought to the world
crumbling around them.

Eve Marlowe has everything she needs to lead
the most decadent of lives: money, nobility, nerve…
and an insatiable appetite for sexual adventure. 
She also has a singular treasure: a fragrance of
ancient origin said to have been prepared for the
Queen of Kings herself.  Seductive, irresistible, even
mystical–it’s the scent of pure sensuality.

The power of this elixir is such that it sweeps
Lady Marlowe into a game much more dangerous
than those she played in the darkened rooms of kinky
bars.  As the Nazis devour Europe and North Africa,
she embarks on a fevered journey with sizzling
stops in Cairo, London, Berlin–each city filled
with new perils and pleasures for one anointed
with pure lust.



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