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I love Italian food!!  Check out my fave place in LA when I’m not on the road…Maggianos Little Italy at The Grove next to CBS Studios.

Then we’re off to the Barnes & Noble at The Grove!



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If you like the Bourne flicks and can’t wait for the new Indiana Jones film, you’ll love Breezy Malone in Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs from Spice.  She’s an archeologist who goes undercover as a dominatrix to find the man who done her wrong.  Breezy is on a mission to find the man who framed her for murder and had her jailed in a desert prison in the Middle East.  She also must retrieve the ancient Syrian antiquity known as the Mask of Darkma that he stole from her.  To do so, Breezy sheds her staid archaeologist’s garb and dons the black leather corset of a dominatrix to become a sex agent in the employ of a covert U.S. security agency.   Check out an excerpt on MySpace.

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