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Spies, Lies & Naked ThighsHi, everybody! 
I received my first review for my erotic spy thriller from Romantic Times magazine March 2008 issue   4 stars!!




by Jina Bacarr
RT Rating: 4 stars
Category: EROTICA
Publisher: Spice
Published: March 2008
Type: Erotica Fiction

The talented Bacarr delivers another strikingly original, fast-paced romp highlighted by a smoking-hot hero and a sassy heroine. Her use of Breezy’s first-person point of view adds an interesting edge and dimension to the proceedings.

Betrayed, framed for murder and left to languish in a Middle Eastern prison, archaeologist Breezy Malone has plenty of time to plot her revenge on Sharif, the man responsible for it all. Being broken out of her cage, recruited by the FBI and allowed license to do whatever’s necessary, in and out of bed, gives her the means. Breezy’s hot on Sharif’s tail when she runs afoul of a seriously hot guy who gets in her way — more than once. Who is this man, whom she nicknames One-Eyed Jack (because of his eye patch)? And what’s his game? One thing’s for sure: Breezy would like to get close enough to find out. But first she has a slimeball to catch — and a precious artifact to reclaim! (spice, Mar., 400 pp., $13.95)

—Catherine Witmer

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Are you going to the RWA Conference in San Francisco this summer? Not sure? It’s a fabulous way to get together with your fellow romance writers, meet editors and agents, and those parties…

Well, what happened in Dallas at the last year’s convention doesn’t stay in Dallas because I’ve got it all on video.So for the next few months I’m going to put up my video blog with podcasts from last year’s RWA convention at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas, including several with your favorite authors and OCC members!!

First up is Going to Dallas with the OCC gang. I shot this video blog on the Super Shuttle going to the airport than later at the terminal while we were waiting for our flight to Dallas.
 What’s next?  Not sure…I have so much video, but I’ll put up more video soon!


 Visit http://www.jinabacarr.com  

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